Tekstvak: Energy bird 
Energy - extremely cheap, cold and clean
Tekstvak: .
Ovaal: Ovaal: Tekstvak: Energy bird 
Energy - extremely cheap, cold and clean
Tekstvak: An island (or a platform) in the sea with a big generator 
therein is the base of an energybird, tapping high concentrated 
energy out of the strong high altitude wind (HAW) 500m -—- 3000m 

All figures of energy production are seriously calculated. The big jump in e-production became possible 
by an innovation in 2000: windpower is used to bring the energybird back to the start after a piece of work.

Is there any doubt, that high altitude wind contains 240 times of our energy need?  No!  It is equal to 2% of the sun radiation to earth. A measured and well known quantity! Is there any doubt that 1%-extraction is possible using e-birds? No!  Even more!   So Europe can base its energy supply on windenergy, totally clean and (calculated 1 cent /kWh) very cheap and does not need gas from Russia, does not need coal, oil or uran.

Let’s start becoming independant from foreign countries and - more important - from groups, using energy dependancy as a means to manipulate and to control.

All members of the administration, stifling the said 
possibilities, are suspicious of belonging to the said groups. 

There is more behind the stifle activities than economic interests only. 
Big Oil, Big Bank, Big Brother: Big Disease. The factor Big Disease is nearly 
unknown. When Big Disease enters into the picture, the Why- Question gets an answer. That’s allimportant: finding the right answer to the Why-Question. Why groups of persons sabotate solutions? A carefully camouflied inherited perversion, caused by an inherited gene-defect, is the driving power behind this behaviour. “We don’t want solutions!” intelligent persons pronounced in key-situations. That can be seen as a direct proof of the disease diagnosis.

Only a peaceful solution of the problem is a true solution. 
The “solutions” of the past worsened the problem by not intended 
selection. So, neutralizing the gene-defect, curing the disease, is the solution. 
Without the sick motivation the behaviour of the persons will be o.k. 
They will support and promote real solutions.

As manipulating pervers persons with the laugh disease, trying to sabotate and at the same time trying to cover their actions, have difficulties to answer why-questions of experts, we stay sending them letters with why-questions. The normal behaviour of these persons is not to answer. Very often the missing answer is an indication of bad conscience, of manipulation and sabotage, of presence of the disease. 
Very often in the neighbourhood of a clearly detected pervers person you find a second and third pervers, slyly cooperating to make economic damage and to produce pain. They have a high motivation to get into a power position: from there they have more tools to cause damage and pain. There they have possibilities to act indirectly, via third persons, and to vade away behind dust curtains in order to avoid accusation. 
The problem of the society is to find them, to set them out of power and to cure them.

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We have the solution:

not ugly windmills on the ground, 

but beautiful windmills in the clouds:



See the film on www.energybird.org

1 (nearly) invisible energybird exchanges 100 visible groundmills

and is producing until 8 times cheaper than old windmills on the greound

Enough clean energy for all Europe!    More than 100% of the need possible.  For 1 ct /kWh. Europe energy-independant.  Now Eurpe is for 50% dependant on Russia and others.