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Energy - extremely cheap, cold and clean
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From the pictures and from the film you learn how to get energy from the wind, far more than possible until now. From wind in the altitude 500m 3000m, which is much stronger than below, which is blowing 4 times longer than below. Energy which becomes much cheaper than possible until now. Learn about the new strategy to get it : When you have studied the pictures and the film (button right), you are familiar with the technology.


The sun is sending 6000 times of our energy need to earth. The wind between 500m and 3000m is offering us 240 times of our need, already highly concentrated. With the energybird-technology of today we can harvest 3 times of our need: 300%. With advanced technique of tomorrow probably 1000%. Less costs and less space for 100% is the tendency.

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Clean energy is Gold

for the citizens of the world



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